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Friday night 6/9

Published by Lisa Collins in Travel · 5/6/2017 16:14:00

Bob Valentine, Colin Grant-Adams Bring Scotland to Old Courthouse
     It is an honor for the Union County Historical Society to participate in the Scottish games by providing a venue for the performances by comedian, Bob Valentine, and musician/historian, Colin Grant-Adams.  Their performance will take place in the Old Courthouse on the Square in Blairsville at 7:00 PM on Friday, June 9.
     Bob Valentine is known as America's best Scottish Master of Ceremonies.  On the road to earning this title, Bob has performed with Alex Beaton, Smithfield Fair, Colin Grant-Adams, Seven Nations, Ian Bruce, and many more.  His skills range from comedian and story teller to lecturer and author.  In 2008, he published his first recording of Scottish jokes and tales, "I'll Take the Low Road." His most recent book of humor, "Seasons," is published by Caledonian Press, and is available at Barnes and  A most popular and in demand M/C and comedian, we welcome back to Blairsville Scottish Festival and Highland Games the one and only "Bob Valentine!!"

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